Bacteria Testing

Bacteria can be very harmful to human health and your water well. Groundwater from Michigan aquifers is generally free from bacteria, so the contamination usually comes from somewhere in the well or plumbing. Given that bacteria can lead to serious diseases or costly well repairs, homeowners and property owners are advised to test for infection annually. Adams Well Drilling offers professional bacteria testing services so that you can rest assured your well, family, and water is safe.

How Does Bacteria Infect Plumbing or Wells?

A properly installed well is a contained system, meaning it is protected from bacteria contamination. However, they are not impervious to infection. Broken well caps can allow insects or animals to get in your well, increasing the risk for contamination. Thus, we recommend testing for bacteria and replacing well caps immediately if you notice one has been broken. Furthermore, some older plumbing can harbor bacteria inside your home.

Our water technicians will detect any bacteria in your water and get to work disinfecting your well. Ensure your water is safe and clean with our reliable bacteria testing services. Contact Adams Well Drilling today to schedule expert water testing services.