Hardness is one of the most common water quality issues for well owners in Michigan. This term refers to calcium, lime, and magnesium dissolved in the water. Hard water causes a variety of problems for homeowners, as it damages appliances, causes scaling in plumbing, and puts extra wear on your clothes. Our water technicians will test your water to identify the problem before developing a comprehensive solution for improving your water quality.

How Do I Know if My Water is Hard?

Hard water will have an unusual taste, especially to someone not used to water containing such high levels of minerals. Furthermore, you may notice a thin film on your hands or dishes after washing them. Another sign of hard water is to use extra amounts of detergent to clean dishes or laundry. This is because it is harder to form a soapy lather with hard water.

If you're not certain about your water, we can perform a test to determine the amount of dissolved minerals in a sample. Our water technicians are experts use specialized equipment and tools to analyze water, giving you an accurate assessment of your water quality.

Adams Well Drilling is ready to test and treat your water to impeccable standards. If you need to test your water for hardness, contact us today.