Bacteria Treatment

If your well water has tested positive for bacteria, it is important to have the water treated immediately to keep you and your family safe. Additionally, bacteria can easily damage your filtration systems, causing costly repairs. Adams Well Drilling offers comprehensive bacteria control solutions, allowing you to restore your water quality to ensure your drinking water is safe and tastes great.

Types of Bacteria and Solutions

The solution required for the bacteria in your well water depends on the type of bacteria we're dealing with. If your water has tested positive for E. Coli or another coliform bacteria, chlorination is an effective step to purge your system of the infection. However, if you've tested positive for another strain, such as sulfur-reducing bacteria, a better solution may be to install a self-disinfecting unit. These units disinfect all water as it enters the home, keeping your water supply safe and clean.

Adams Well Drilling boasts decades of experience with water treatment services. Furthermore, we utilize only top-of-the-line equipment to ensure that our customers are receiving high-quality water treatment solutions. All in all, our customers can rest assured their water will be treated to a very high standard at a fair price point.

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