Geothermal Wells

geothermal drillingA geothermal well uses the earth’s energy to heat water. The ground below the surface stays warmer than the air during the winter. Geothermal well systems take advantage of this heat, offering energy efficiency and lowering your energy bill. Adams Well Drilling offers these well systems for installation at residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

How a Geothermal Well System Works

A geothermal well works around the concept of geoloops. These are water lines that loop around through the earth to absorb heat from the earth. We utilize special grouts in the ground to facilitate thermal conductivity, which further helps the water heat up.

We may drill as many as four or five geoloops for a single house. As a result, the water may be up to 30 degrees warmer by the time it reaches the house, reducing the amount of energy required to heat water.

Expert installation of a geothermal well system is crucial for ensuring that the geoloops avoid tree roots, gas lines, and other obstacles. Adams Well Drilling will guarantee that the system is properly installed.

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