Pressure Switch Repair

A pressure switche is a small but important part of any well system. This piece regulates the pump, signaling when the pump should turn on and off. Should your pressure switch be malfunctioning, Adams Well Drilling is ready to fix the issue and make sure your well operates smoothly.

How Do I Know if My Pressure Switch Needs Service?

As you can imagine, the most common sign that your pressure switch needs service is pressure issues with your water. You may notice that your water pressure is lower or higher than usual. Another tell-tale sign is oscillating or intermittent pressure issues. In other words, you may notice that the pressure is low, then normal, then low again, and so forth.

We come prepared to handle the repair so that your pressure switch and well will be repaired quickly. For every repair call, we bring a broad range of specialty tools to allow us to reach down into a well along with any components we may require. Our preparedness and expertise is all part of our dedication to serving our customers.

If the water pressure in your home isn’t quite right, it’s time to have a professional look at your pressure switch and well. Contact Adams Well Drilling today for expert well repair service.