Underground Leak Repair

An underground well leak is always bad news. In the matter of a few hours, your yard can look like a small lake. Repairing this leak is crucial for preventing flooding of nearby structures, as well as protecting your lawn and landscape. If you're experiencing an underground leak, our expert well technicians are ready to help. We also offer 24/7 emergency services for rapid well repairs.

Signs You Have an Underground Leak

More often than not, it is very apparent when your well is leaking underground. However, here are some specific red flags to watch out for:

  • Low-pressure is another sign
  • Dirt in water
  • Yard is more saturated
  • Yard gets very green and lush, especially around well
  • Small mini geyser
  • Snow melting around the well or between the well and your home

How We Fix Underground Leaks

More often than not, an underground leak occurs when corroded steel fittings at the well head have burst. This happens four to five feet down into the ground, so we dig a hole down into the area to work on the well head. We take great care to dig the smallest hole possible to preserve your lawn and landscaping. We then replace the fittings with non-corrosive materials so that the problem won't happen again.

Adams Well Drilling is dedicated to performing quality repairs with world-class customer service. Contact us today for your emergency well repair.