Well Chlorination

Well chlorination is an effective technique for eliminating bacteria and sanitizing your water system. However, it is important to properly administer the chlorine for the sake of your well and to ensure the bacteria is eradicated. Adams Well Drilling is highly-experienced with well chlorination and will make sure the job is done right.

When Should You Chlorinate a Well?

Generally, wells in Michigan only need to be chlorinated when you have a positive bacteria test. Our aquifers are bacteria-free, meaning unless something enters your well, it should remain free of bacteria. The Water Quality Association recommends you test your water for bacteria once a year, and we encourage our customers to test their water if their well cap is broken or if your water system has been worked on recently.

There’s a number of pitfalls to watch out for when chlorinating a well. For example, chlorine can destroy older steel wells, leading to a hugely expensive repair or possibly requiring a new well. Additionally, some strains of bacteria will only come back after a chlorination purge. Our technicians are experts of both well maintenance and water treatment, so we are well-equipped to professionally chlorinate your well or administer an alternative solution.

We will make sure your water is bacteria-free and safe to drink. Contact us to learn more about our well chlorination services.