High Electric Bill Solutions

Unfortunately, a number of different issues with your well can cause a high electric bill. What may seem like a minor inconvenience can quickly become an expensive problem as the bills add up. If your well system is driving up your energy bill, Adams Well Drilling is here to help.

Well Problems That Can Cause High Electric Bills

  • Continuously running pump
  • Leak inside the house
  • Pump isn’t building enough pressure to shut off
  • Bad pump head

Beyond the high electric bill, you may also notice low water pressure or that your pump is making more noise than usual. Regardless, Adams Well Drilling will solve the problem. We have years of experience in solving well issues of all sorts, leaving us fully prepared to get your system in order.

We take a lot of pride in helping fix people’s well water problems. Reducing high electricity bills caused by water wells is no exception. If your well system isn’t working properly, think Adams Well Drilling.

Contact us today for expert service in fixing your high electricity bill water well problems.