Lead Testing

Lead naturally occurs in the earth but is generally not prevalent in Michigan's groundwater. Instead, the largest concerns of lead in drinking water arise from the use of dated plumbing or well materials containing this metal. Given that lead poisoning is a serious health concern and can even prove fatal, Adams Well Drilling encourages lead testing for all older homes and wells. We will ensure that your family or business is safe from this harmful pollutant.

How Does Lead Get in Your Water?

All water is corrosive to some degree or another. Given enough time, water will break down materials, causing them to leech into the water itself and end up in your home. Galvanized plumbing or galvanized well tanks are two common culprits of lead in water supplies. Lead is especially dangerous to children, causing developmental issues and permanent neurological damage. As such, families with young children may want to exercise additional caution and test their water for lead.

Adams Well Drilling works with a state-certified laboratory to test water samples for lead. We have the expertise to ensure that you are safe from this poisonous substance. If we find any levels of lead in your home, we have water treatment solutions to make your water safe again.

Get the safe water you and your family deserve with our reliable lead testing services. Contact us today to schedule a water testing appointment.