Nitrate Treatment

Nitrates commonly occur in Michigan groundwater. While nitrates are usually not hazardous to adults, they can cause methemoglobinemia (also known as blue baby syndrome) in infants. This disease can lead to respiratory issues, brain damage, and even death. Adams Well Drilling will test your well for nitrates and ensure your water is free from these contaminants.

How Do I Make Sure My Water Doesn't Have Nitrates?

Unfortunately, nitrates are tasteless and odorless. As a result, the only way to know whether your water contains nitrates or not is through a certified test. We offer reliable nitrate testing to assess your water supply.

The legal limit for nitrates is 10 milligrams per liter. If your water tests above this limit, then the state of Michigan usually mandates that you have a completely new well installed. Typically, we will perform a second test to ensure that your water is truly over the limit so that you don't install a new well over an erroneous test result. If you do test over the legal limit twice, we are happy to professionally install a new well.

Adams Well Drilling is ready to ensure that you and your family are drinking only safe, high-quality water. Contact us today to learn more about our nitrate treatment solutions.